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Employment Discrimination Lawyers

At Ann Brown Legal, we represent employees who have been harassed or denied their rights by their employers. Employment discrimination lawyers work on behalf of those who have been mistreated at work. Workplaces should be spaces of encouragement, empowerment and personal and professional growth. All employees deserve to feel safe, valued and respected for the work they do and the people they are. Workplaces should never be a place of discrimination, harassment, inequality or unjust treatment of any kind.  

When an employer is breaking the law, we understand that it is difficult for employees to stand up for themselves for fear of being retaliated against. Employment is tied up in pay, livelihood and one’s ability to care for one’s self and loved ones. Even in truly discriminatory or difficult situations, employees may feel intimidated and pressured to just be quiet and accept the situation. They may not have the resources or feel that they have the right to stand up for themselves. Furthermore, they may not know the legal channels they can pursue to receive the justice they deserve.

As employment discrimination lawyers, we represent clients throughout Iowa and help them protect their rights and stand up to employers. With years of experience in this field on our side, we know employees’ rights and we know how to fight for them. We are not intimidated and we stand by our clients during this sometimes emotional time.

Iowa law protects employees from discrimination because of gender, race, age, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and disability. Yet clients often come to their employment discrimination lawyers with stories of unfair treatment, wrongful termination and other discriminations based on these factors. Clients should be made aware of their rights through their human resources department, hiring managers or supervisors. But even when they are not clearly educated about the laws that protect them from such discrimination, they are still entitled to equal and fair treatment in whatever environment in which they work.

The law also prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. This should be an obvious statement that shouldn’t have to be explained or elaborated upon. Yet in the age in which we live, we see these issues arising in every field and industry. Too often, it’s a pervasive and persistent problem. We stand for the victims who need not stay silent. They have the law - and us - on their side.

At Ann Brown Legal, we represent employees in the following types of claims:

Sexual Harassment

When the work environment becomes hostile due to unwanted and inappropriate remarks, advances or behaviors, by anyone else in the workplace, an employee has the right to speak out against such harassment.

Unequal Pay

Every employee should be paid commensurate with the work they do. The amount of income they receive shouldn’t vary depending on sex, religion or other discriminatory factors. Rather, two employees doing the same amount and type of work or in the same position at an organization should be paid the same.

Wage and Hour Laws

Both state and federal laws govern the rights of employees regarding the wages they receive and the number of hours per week they work. They also concern who can work, when, where and how. Issues covered by these wage and hour laws include overtime pay, minimum wages and even breaks, leaves of absence and time off.

Discrimination in Hiring, Promoting and Firing

The status of one’s job should be based on performance and qualifications, not on personal factors such as sex, age, pregnancy or religion.

As employment discrimination lawyers, we understand how difficult it can be to work somewhere where you are not being treated fairly. It can be nearly impossible to concentrate and perform one’s job to the best they can if they are being discriminated against, intimidated by supervisors or fellow employees or harassed in someway. Every employee deserves a safe place to be the best employee they can be - and to achieve their highest potential.

We believe that every time we help a client succeed in an employment based claim, we make the workplace better for all employees. Call to schedule a free consultation to address questions you may have. Our number is (319) 826-2250.