We recognize the importance of every case and place great value on the trust that clients have given us to represent them in their employment law and personal injury matters. At Ann Brown Legal, we have been honored to serve clients throughout Iowa and appreciate their feedback about our services. 


John B. - Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

I have been a client of Ann Brown twice since 2011 due to an automobile accident in 2010 and a motorcycle accident in 2013. Both accidents resulted in injuries, with the motorcycle accident injuries being severe. I've had multiple surgeries, physical therapy appointments, doctors' visits and life changing injuries. Through it all, Ann did excellent work representing me. She is very knowledgeable of the law, statutes and rights of the client. She always took my calls and answered my questions and made sure I understood what was happening with my cases. She worked tirelessly on my behalf and I know she had my best interests in mind. I had and continue to have great confidence in her abilities and I highly recommend her for any legal representation anyone might require. 

Beth F. - Muscatine, Iowa 

Ann Brown was my attorney in a civil case and I am beyond pleased with the job she did for me. Ann is very knowledgeable and intelligent. During our first meeting, it was apparent that she understood the laws and what may or may not have applied to my case. She is very organized and knew what information was needed and went to work right away at securing that information. She did her job in such a way that it seemed effortless from my point of view, yet I know that my case was not an easy case to try. Whether in a deposition or during trial, she knew what information she needed to show the jury and what to ask to get to the truth. She was professional and didn't resort to tricks or smoke and mirrors when trying my case. More importantly, when opposing counsel tried those tactics, she remained poised and didn't deviate from how she prepared to try the case. She is more competent than I imagined and I would recommend her to anyone looking for knowledgeable, skilled attorney to represent them. 

Frances G. - Fairfield, Iowa 

Ann Brown and her firm dug their heels in during a particularly difficult litigation involving foreign entities who had set-up businesses in parts of the US including Iowa.  Ann conducted herself with tenacity and determination throughout and was very supportive of me and my case.  At a critical point towards the end of proceedings, it was clear that we could get a judgement, but no-one expected to really be able to collect!   Despite the odds, the other side flew a representative to Iowa and the case was financially settled less than two weeks before the Des Moines trial date.  Admirable enough I thought.

Erin D. - Muscatine, Iowa 

Ann is a shining example of a professional, honest, knowledgeable attorney. She exhibited a driving force and dedication throughout our case while also keeping us informed at every step. She truly cared about us and our rights. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who is looking for a qualified attorney to represent them. 

Brenda H. - Monticello, Iowa 

Professional and confident, intelligent and knowledgeable, kind and caring, genuine and honest, calm and relaxed, unique and amazing, are just a few of the words to describe Ann Brown. She is a lawyer unlike any other I have ever met. She genuinely cares about people. She took the time to get to know me personally, (my situation, my questions, concerns, fears, and was patient with my tears). When it comes to the court room, she is a champion. Her composure exudes confidence demonstrated through her calm, relaxed, professional poised manner. I highly recommend Ann Brown. She is someone who truly does care about people. She is different than other lawyers. She is very dedicated and goes above and beyond.