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 Lawyer for Child Injury - Ann Brown

Ann Brown has been representing families devastated by injury or death and employees who have been treated unfairly in cases, in Cedar Rapids and throughout all of Iowa for over 12 years. As a personal injury and employment law attorney, Ann has a reputation for being honest, professional and most importantly always looking out for her clients. She stands with her clients throughout the entire path to recovery whether it is through a favorable settlement or a successful jury verdict. 

If you or your child have been hurt through someone else's fault and you are worried about medical bills, missing work or what this injury will mean for your family's future, we can help you. If you have lost a loved one because of negligence by another, we can help you. If you are being discriminated against or sexually harassed at work and don't know what to do about it, we can help you

We have handled both complicated and straightforward cases, always treating each client as a friend and every case as important. We focus on personal injury cases involving car accidents, defective products, unsafe premises and medical malpractice. Ann has handled numerous difficult cases involving injured children, including children who have been injured by lead poisoning, recognizing that these cases are vitally important both to protect the injured child's future and to make the world safer for all children.

We focus on employment law cases involving unequal pay, sexual harassment, discrimination, violation of the FMLA and failure to pay wages due. We help employees stand on equal ground with large employers to enforce their rights and hope that every case we pursue brings us one step closer to having workplaces free from discrimination and harassment.