Iowa Employment Lawyer

At Ann Brown Legal, we represent employees who have been harassed or denied their rights by their employers. When an employer is breaking the law, we understand that it is difficult for employees to stand up for themselves because of fear of being retaliated against. We represent clients throughout Iowa and help them protect their rights and stand up to employers. The law protects employees from discrimination because of gender, race, age, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and disability. The law also prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace.  At Ann Brown Legal, we represent employees in the following types of claims:

 Iowa Employment Attorney
  1. Sexual harassment
  2. Unequal pay
  3. Wage and hour laws
  4. Family and Medical Leave Act
  5. Disability discrimination/accommodation
  6. Discrimination in hiring, promoting and firing

We understand how difficult it can be to work somewhere where you are not being treated fairly. We believe that every time we help a client succeed in an employment based claim, we make the workplace better for all employees.