Iowa Child Injury Attorney

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Iowa Child Injury Attorney

Every child deserves to grow up safe and healthy and to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a child injury attorney, Ann Brown makes it a priority to see that children are given every chance possible to live in a world that supports and cares for them. They need us to advocate on their behalf. Our future depends on it. 

When a child is harmed through the fault of another, it is heartbreaking for the entire family. It can be a difficult time, full of medical bills, frustrations and an uncertain future. The legal path forward is not always clear or obvious. If you aren’t sure what the next step would be or how to deal with the details of child injury claims, our years of experience in this field are on your side. 

Parents who are busy caring for an injured child may not know how best to protect their child's legal interests or how to pursue child injury claims on their child's behalf. We understand that parents are often not legal experts, but they are experts about their children’s welfare. We are here to provide the legal support they need to provide the very best for their children. We know the unique, sometimes complicated factors, of child injury claims. 

At Ann Brown Legal, we help families to recover compensation on behalf of an injured child, not only for past harms but also compensation that may be necessary for the child's future. Working as a child injury attorney for over a decade, Ann Brown has seen that this compensation is not a luxury, but a necessity. It’s about being able to move on from a traumatic and life-altering time and to start building a happy and healthy future for your child once again, with the resources necessary to do that. 

Child injury claims raise specialized legal and factual issues and it is important for parents to hire a child injury attorney with significant experience representing children. Because children can not file lawsuits on their own behalf, parents or guardians are responsible to do so. We work hand-in-hand with our clients so they can be confident that we know how to represent them and their unique case.

From the very beginning, Ann Brown has spent a large part of her career representing injured children in the following types of claims:

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning occurs when unsafe levels of lead build up in a person’s bloodstream. The results can be dangerous - and even fatal in some cases. Symptoms range from minor to catastrophic and a blood test is required. If your child was exposed to lead in a home, daycare, school or other location, contact us for a free consultation about your case. 

Automobile Accidents

If your child was injured due to an automobile accident, you may find yourself with a mountain of paperwork to deal with and phone calls to make. If you need help pursuing compensation from your insurance company, or the other driver or person at fault, we can bring the legal expertise you need. 

Negligent Supervision at School

Schools, along with other places of education and learning, should be a place of safety and trust. You should be able to send your child there and know that they are being supervised carefully and in a safe environment. When accidents happen and injuries are incurred, as the result of negligence or breach of ethical conduct, child injury claims may be the next step to recover financial damages and to ensure the safety of other children. 

Product Liability

From choking hazards to strangulation dangers, products not made well or properly can become great risks to the well-being of children. Products sold for use by children should ethically and legally be safe for them to use. When this doesn’t happen, we can help you put together a claim.

Our youngest clients are our greatest responsibility and we are committed to making their futures brighter through our representation.  We believe that our work representing children not only helps those children, but helps all children by holding negligent parties responsible and making the world a safer place. Call to schedule a free consultation to address questions you may have.  Our number is (319) 826-2250.