It's not about me...

Ann Brown Legal 

Ann Brown Legal 

Over my years practicing as a trial lawyer, every single case has been different, but they all share one simple fact: not one case has been about me. If I am being authentic, I must confess that I like to argue, like to stand in front of the jury, like to win. But victories don't belong to me, they are my clients' and my only role is to tell their story and to stand with them through the process. 

People do not become my clients during the happiest or easiest times of their lives. They need me during times they have suffered great loss or injury or been subjected to injustice. They often come to me overwhelmed, heartbroken or angry - never the best version of themselves, but always the best they can be at that difficult moment in their life.

I have represented all different types of people, many of whom I never would have met but for this job. All of my clients have had their own strengths and their own flaws and every case has its own challenges.  But every one of my clients has been deserving of some form of justice that only the civil court system can provide and that is why I will always choose to stand with families over corporations and people against insurance companies.  

It is a privilege to tell my clients' stories and to help them right injustices. Sometimes I am able to watch my clients come through the difficult time that brought them into my office and get back to the life they love. Some harms my clients have suffered are too difficult to ever overcome, but I hope that obtaining justice helps to lighten their burden. Many of my clients have stayed in touch after the conclusion of their case and I now am able to share in their continuing story.

While no case has ever been about me, I have been impacted by every case I have had. My clients have been a very big part of my story...and I am honored and humbled by it.