Lead Poisoning Still Impacting Iowa Children

When I tell people that I represent children who have been lead poisoned, one of the most frequent responses I get is, "Children still get lead poisoned...in Iowa?" 

In fact, in Iowa about 7% of all children are lead poisoned. This is higher than the national average and largely due to the large number of older homes in Iowa that contain lead paint hazards. Additional data about lead poisoning in Iowa can be found on the CDC's website. 

Iowa Lead Poisoning Attorney 

What is particularly tragic about the high levels of lead poisoning in Iowa is that lead poisoning is completely preventable, but when it does occur it can cause permanent brain injury, impacting a child for the rest of his or her life. Most children in Iowa become lead poisoned from lead hazards in their home. Houses built before 1978 are at risk for containing lead-based paint and houses built before 1950 likely contain lead-based paint. Lead hazards including chipping and peeling paint, which young children often put in their mouths, or paint dust which gets onto children's hands. If you are concerned about lead hazards, the Iowa Department of Public Health publishes a free and helpful brochure on lead poisoning that can be downloaded here. 

Too often landlords do not maintain their rental properties in a safe condition and allow children to live in homes with lead hazards. I have represented children in claims against their landlords throughout Iowa, including in Cedar Rapids, Clinton, Waterloo, Sioux City and other cities. If your child has been lead poisoned and you would like to speak about a potential claim, please call me.